Picked last

Were you ever picked last in school?  You know the deal, you’re in gym class and the two team captains are picking their teams for a game of dodgeball.  You wait with everyone else on the bleachers praying silently that you won’t have to suffer the embarrassment of being picked last.  You would rather be picked first, but middle would do.  As long as it wasn’t last.

I remember a few times of being picked last.  Especially when I was new to a school, which I was a lot in my elementary years.  There was something especially humiliating about being the last one setting on the bleachers.  It was especially bad when the two team captains would get together to decide who had to take you.  Not who got you, but who was forced to accept you against their will.

This concept is something that we are trying to change with the homeless.  Many of them feel that they have been picked last or not picked at all.  As Christians, it is our job to make sure that they are picked first.  That they feel wanted and accepted.  We want to make them feel and know that they do belong.  They are not throw aways and we will pick them first because we see their value the way God does.  I believe that is the way that we emulate Jesus.  Picking first the ones that normally feel they are last at best.



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