What are the homeless doing right now

I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to work in person with Church on the Street, but if you haven’t, I hope you will in the near future.

Be warned though, you will think about the homeless men and women that you meet quite often.  The more time I spend either with Church on the Street in person, or working on the social media for it, the more I think.  I have started making many comparisons between my life and the lives of any of the homeless men and women that i’ve met.

That being said, here’s is my pondering this evening.  I am at home with my wife and dogs watching tv.  Not an abnormal evening by any means.

But it makes me wonder, what does a homeless person do on a boring Monday evening?  If they can’t get into a shelter, or don’t want to, what are they doing? Just walking around?  Sitting and waiting for tomorrow?  Thinking?

Yours curiously,



One thought on “What are the homeless doing right now

  1. Hello Brodie,

    I was used to Andy’s emails which always had me saying more prayers for the work he does and the souls of his people.

    Now here you come into the picture with a comparison to your home life verses the homeless. Which I must admit leads me to do the same.

    Which I do where I live with the guys at street corners with signs asking for ANYTHING!!! With you and Andy you see and know the difference how do I tell the difference in a homeless person and the people making a living asking for help?? That was not what I intended to ask or comment on. Sorry i got sidetracked.

    I appreciate ALL of you do. I can’t afford to help you financially, except our WCG does help some. But I always keep Andy and his family(I’ve met them in Greeneville,TN) on my prayer list. I will now add yourself and Scott.\

    Take care,

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