Why are the homeless so sleepy?

Have you ever wondered why you see so many homeless people sleeping in the middle of the day?  I know that for many of us, me included, our first response is that they must be drunk or on drugs.  I mean, why else would you be asleep on the ground in the middle of the day?  I’m sure that that may be the case for a few, but I no longer think that that is the norm.

Today I was with a couple of other guys in the park for “Saturday’s on the Streets”.  They were new to this particular mission field so I was giving them the grand tour of the park.  We stopped to talk to a homeless gentleman that was laying on the ground with his few belongings (not an uncommon sight in the park).  He was explaining to me the difficulties that he was having in trying to get out of his current situation.  Basically he was explaining the hurdles that were helping to keep him in his current state.

As we talked I learned that when the park was officially considered closed at night that the homeless are often run out of the park.  I asked him where he went when that happened?  He said “If I can’t get into a shelter, I basically wander and catnap when I can”.

So there you have it.  Why are some of the homeless sleeping during the day?  It’s because they often are not able to do so at night.

I would sleep all day too.



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