Our Friend Steven

Sharing in one another’s sufferings is central to being a community.  There is plenty of opportunity for this sort of sharing.  So this makes it all the more important to also share in one another’s joy – to celebrate together.  Recently one of the members of our community, Steven, who had initially resisted the kind of community we participate in, gave in to the relentless pursuit of God.  One of Church on the Street’s missionaries, Gary, was there to love him and gently show him what this pursuing God desired of him and wanted to see in him.  Steven’s life will never be the same.  Here is a letter Steven wrote to Gary from rehab in response…

Wanted to sit down and openly express myself. At first, I wanted to thank you. But then, I question myself. How did I become to know you? I was lost, on drugs, and spiritually broken. Not knowing my way around Atlanta and would have never imagine eating lunch at a church as you have provided.

Thank God, that I was hungry. 🙂 I now know why.

He brought me to you knowing that you would help bring me back home to him.

You pursued, and I procrastinated in every form there is known to man. Today, I thank God for putting you in my life and my recovery. Now would like to thank you!! Gary, may God work threw you to continue reaching people as myself. Thank you my brother in Christ.

Today we celebrate with Steven and thank God for his life.  We thank God that He has allowed us, and especially Gary, to play a part in Steven’s story.


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