A Day at the Park

Central to our mission is breaking down the dividing walls between persons, cultivating friendship with those the world ignores, and fostering dignity in the dehumanized.  We do this by sharing, praying, advising, listening, teaching and providing spiritual care.  But we also do this by playing together.  Sometimes we play chess or checkers, other times we kick the soccer ball around or throw the frisbee.  This week the director of our Retreat program, Gary, decided it was time to break out of the everyday routine and spend a day of play at Six Flags.  He gathered together several of the folks who regularly volunteer and attend our ministries along with our intern team and provided a much needed break – a time to rest, laugh and enjoy one another away from the chaos and stresses of street life.  Despite the record heat, all participants had a great time together enjoying one another as friends and fellow roller coaster riders.  Some might complain that the time and resources spent on Six Flags could have been better spent on programs that feed the homeless.  Well…maybe.  But maybe it’s worth providing an opportunity for those who often feel less than human the chance to just be human – not to be homeless, or poor, or judged for just a few hours.  Maybe it’s worth seeing someone delight in the rush of the Dare Devil Dive who just a few months ago couldn’t imagine past their next hit of crack.  Maybe laughing, playing and feeling “normal” is priceless.  I think so.  You can bet we’re not going to Six Flags every week.  But every so often if you happen to be standing in line at The Georgia Schorcher with your friends take a look around.  Maybe you’ll see us there with our friends.   

In Service to the Vulnerable,
Pastor Andy

If you would like to help support our work on the streets (or in the amusement park) with the least of our brothers and sisters you can do so by donating online safely and quickly.

One thought on “A Day at the Park

  1. I thank what you are doing is great. The homeless are a part of my heart as well. I once was with a Church that decided to do homeless missions and put me in charge. I went to see how the other Churches did and wanted to do something Difference. I arranged a weekly Bible study not just any Bible study I went over scripture and asked them to tell me what they got out of it. So they taught me. Thanksgiving that year I set up the place like a restaurant with table clothes, candles, flowers and menus. We took their order and brought the food to their table. Homeless are human and should be treated as such. The World needs more ministries like yours. There is a difference in preaching a word and having a soup line or spending quality time with them to know who they are on the inside. I have been homeless as well as helped homeless. May God Bless you and let your team be an example.

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