I can’t tell the difference, homeless or not?

I was in the Church on the Street office today.  I was basically in my own world working on some social media things.   I was listening to the guys, and a couple of ladies, in the kitchen.  I had the thought that I should ask Pastor Andy which are homeless and which are volunteers.  But then Jesus proposed a bigger question to me.  “How do I know the difference?”  

The answer is, I don’t.  Sure there are a few individuals that come in that I know for sure.  But for the most part, I can’t tell.  They’re not different from me, you or anyone else.  Their current living situation does not in any way, shape or form define who they are.  

I even walked from the office into the kitchen at one point and still didn’t know for sure.  I could take some guesses, but I would have been working off of pure appearances, which truly tell me nothing.  A person should not and can not be judged by their dress, surroundings, or any other external characteristic.  

I think God gave me a glimpse today of how he sees each of us.  Not by our house, car, job, status, or lack thereof.  But rather by our heart.  By who he created us to be.  




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