Blue jean blues


The denim fabric of a jeans
The denim fabric of a jeans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You may have seen some of our posts on other sites, but we need men’s jeans pretty badly right now. A homeless person does not typically have access to a washer and dryer. Therefore, many times they have no choice but to throw a clothing item away at a certain point. This is why, if you follow us online anywhere, you will see us asking quite often for men’s jeans.


So here is how you can help: Men’s pants at goodwill cost about $5 or so. Postage should be around $4. So for less than $10 you can help us with a pair of men’s pants. Of course, this is an ongoing need, so if some of you could commit to a pair per month or some other time period that would be awesome!
They can be mailed to:

Church on the Street
PO Box 54717
Atlanta, ga 30308




Directior of Operations


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