Where’d the money go?

Last May Elliot issued a challenge to the friends and supporters of Church on the Street. He had been out of work so he pledged that as soon as he found work he would use his first check to make a donation to the ministry. Once he fulfilled his promise he then laid down the gauntlet,  “Match the $40 that I gave, double it, or do even more. Just don’t do nothing.”

Here’s what your gifts helped to accomplish this year…

  • Trained/Educated over 1,500 individuals including 18 Churches/Ministries, 3 Christian Schools, 6 Universities or College Ministries, and 2 interns
  • Launched two new communities
  • Became founding member of TraffickLight – an international collaboration of ministries fighting human trafficking
  • Assisted dozens of men and women in the sex trafficking industry
  • Assisted hundreds to navigate drug/alcohol rehabilitation, transitional housing, social services and reuniting with family
  • Over 16 local partnerships with businesses and ministries
  • Listed in Rejuvenate Magazine’s “10 Organizations to Partner With Now

Yesterday Elliot said that it was time to issue his challenge again. So here it is. If you, your church or business would like to match, double, or do even more than Elliot and share a Christmas or year-end tax-deductible gift you can donate easily and safely online here or send a check to:

Church on the Street  P.O. Box 54717  Atlanta, GA 30308

Thank you for all your help this past year.  Let’s make 2015 even better!


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