A Family

We value community. We value community because we believe it is a natural result of reconciliation in Christ. We also value community because we think it can help facilitate family. So in our community we value transparency that reveals our lives to one another, and this is not limited to “others” in the community. In other words, I personally am just as much a part of that transparency as is the organization. We also realize that in meaningful ways our community does not stop at the door, but it includes the many who support and have been a part of our community even if for just a short time during a mission trip. All of that to say this…

It has been a tough couple of months and it has been an exciting couple of months. Lots of ups and downs. We have struggled financially. We are getting ready to move locations, but don’t know exactly where yet (hopefully this week we’ll sort that out). One of our core members and key staff resigned which has left an emotional space and a duty space.

But, the Lord has blessed us with some new leadership on the Board of Directors that has helped to invigorate a challenging and exciting strategic planning process. We have redeveloped our mission team experience to allow for more opportunities, make it more wide ranging while becoming more meaningful at the same time. We have planned an incredible, deep and innovative educational opportunity called The Reconciliation and Justice Academy. Our community continues to grow deeper and we are seeing lives transformed regularly.

Of course none of this happens in linear time or all at once. It is all a mixture of experiences.

With all this as background I just receive two tidbits of news. First, a March mission team is likely going to have to back out. Second, we are not sure we’ll be able to make payroll this next pay period. I felt deflated (and a little self-pitying). “God, what are you trying to say? Are we coming to an end of 16 years of ministry?” Then I got news that Jerry, a homeless member of the community, was laid out on the side of the road. Two of our community members went to get him. He was unable to get up on his own, an ambulance was called, and he is now in the ICU. He called this morning to update us on his progress (more tests, internal bleeding) and to ask if we could bring him some toenail clippers. Then Robert, a core leader in our community, who also has a serious drinking problem, came to the end of his rope. Two members just left to take him into treatment. And God whispered, “Toenails and treatment. Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

We value community. We value community because we believe it is a natural result of reconciliation in Christ. We also value community because we think it can help facilitate family.


One thought on “A Family

  1. Pastor Andy, I am interested in community and street ministry also. I am currently staying at the City of Refuge and would like to have a ministry for women and families to build community. I am at some what  a cross roads in my life also wanting to help and needing the wisdom, finances, direction to do so.  So I am praying with you and for you as you continue to seek God concerning Church on the Street and the changes that you all are experiencing. I can tell you it is a good work and the incarnation of His love to walk in community and brotherhood. Keep seeking His guidance because He has put these things on our hearts because they are on His heart and He will open the necessary doors and grant us access to the resources and divine connections to bring it about.  This is the gospel,be encouraged and embrace His grace to continue into this new season. Is. 61 Thanks,Quiana Hawkins

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